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Call Us Today!
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Helpful Tips for Storing

Arlington Self Storage

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Helpful Tips for Storing Your Property
storage facility
Space is money. Always think vertical to avoid buying air.
  1. Put heavy items in first–lighter, non-breakable items on top
  2. Breakdown furniture where possible. Remove table legs. Pad and tie them together. Place hardware in a bag and tape underneath table
  3. Pad and protect your appliances and furniture. Organize and fill dresser drawers with clothes or fragile but well-wrapped items.
  4. Pack and label an “essentials” box, which can include things you may need, and keep it in the front of your unit.
  5. Pack breakable items loosely with lots of cushioning material, and label them fragile.
  6. Pack non-breakables tightly in smaller boxes, so they aren't too heavy.
  7. Mark your boxes by room and general content, so you know where everything goes. Label them on the sides, not on top, which may be covered by other boxes
  8. Tie bed frames together with tape or rope. Label the pieces.
  9. Don't lean items against the walls of your storage space.
  10. Empty, defrost and drain the refrigerator, dishwasher and freezer. Clean the interior and carefully pack the accessories. Be sure to put a wedge in the appliance door for proper air circulation.
  11. Plastic totes are great for organizing and stacking.
  12. Do not store food and perishables.
  13. NEVER store combustibles. Be sure gasoline is removed from storage cans, mowers and other lawn and garden equipment.
  14. Bicycles–loosen the handlebars and turn them sideways. Cover chains and pedals to keep grease off of other items.
  15. If moving in inclement weather, make sure the items going in storage are dry.
  16. Do not store items up against the door.

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